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About Brie

Here are some things about Brie:

1.  Of Love, Actors and Acrobats is Brie’s first novel.

2. The first love story Brie ever wrote involved He-Man and Teela.

2a. Brie was in first grade.

3.  Brie believes there is someone out there for everyone, and she loves setting people up on blind dates.

4.  When Brie was little, she asked so many (often inappropriate, like “Are you on birth control?”) questions that her mom invented the code “MYOB” (Mind Your Own Business) to tell her to knock it off.

5.  Brie wanted to write the kind of book that she would enjoy on vacation: funny without taking itself too seriously.

6.  Brie’s favorite scene is the one where Huck and Zoe meet in Annie’s.

7.  Brie cracks herself up, probably more often than is warranted.

8.  Brie thinks we all get what we settle for (which means you shouldn’t settle!).

9.  The first draft of this book took Brie less than a month to write (but then she didn’t look at it again for over a year).

10.  Brie loves real-life love stories–send her yours, and maybe she’ll put a few up on this site 🙂

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